American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector Review

Having a metal detector in hand means inviting a lot of amusement and gratification. Metal detecting is not just a hobby but a way and medium of turning your otherwise monotonous life in an enthralling one. A metal detector not just finds some scrap or treasure but also gifts you leisure. Out of all the hobbies that one can get a hold on, metal detecting is the one that is acquiring a lot of acknowledgment, and the technology-driven metal detectors work as a fuel to the fire. Today, if you would type only metal detector on any online shopping portal, most probably, you will come across thousands of options available only for metal detectors. But, are all those metal detectors trustworthy? Have a look at Explorer II Metal Detector.

American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector

his device is another example of the new technologies dominating the market. All those features that you may look out in an ideal metal detector, you will find those features on this device. From an LCD screen to a waterproof coil, everything is present in this instrument. Three types of operation modes and the auto ground balance make this metal detector worth of your every single penny spent. Various other features of this device are waiting for you to give a glance on them. So, scroll down and know more about this pleasing metal detector.

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Whether this American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector offers reliable features or not? Read on and find out.

LCD Display

The LCD of this metal detector lets you gauge the depth of the metal that you have found. It also allows you to see the type of the object. Its Auto Ground Balance prevents you from digging the ground unnecessarily by providing the information concerning the metal found.

Operation Modes

You get three types of operation modes, like – All Metal, Discrimination, and the Notch Filter. With the aid of these modes, you can search for the thing that you want. These modes quickly discriminate between the types and let you conduct your search easily.

Waterproof Coil

Even the drizzle from the sky or shallow water of the beach won’t be able to put a halt on your search. This all is possible because of the waterproof coil. You can search anywhere and in any season you want even underwater, and nobody would stop you.


American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector LCD Display Type of Object and Depth

  • Along with all those features, Explorer II Metal Detector will offer a free battery, carry bag, and headphones as well.
  • It offers three different types of tones to indicate the type of metal detected.
  • It also has an internal speaker headphone jack.
  • Its 8 inches coil is waterproof and works on the frequency of 6.6 kHz approximately.
  • In the USA it offers one year of distributor warranty.
  • It is easy to use and understand.


  • Its total dimension is 34 x 6 x 10 inches.
  • The weight of the item is 6.4 pounds.
  • The shipping weight is 6.4 pounds.
  • One year distributor warranty in the USA.


  • It helps you in detecting gold.
  • Offers a free carrying bag and a headphone under a reliable price.
  • It is adequate and comfortable to use.
  • It is light in weight.


  • The LCD is very small and can create a nuisance for the people while reading.
  • The bottom and top pole connections are very feeble.
  • The depth feature of the metal detector does not work as per the requirements.
  • Although it knows how to make you aware of the gold products, it may create a problem while finding gold if you use it in Notch mode.


Any person who would spend his precious money to pursue his hobby would obviously want a device that can meet his expectations. Although, you may find many metal detectors in the market or on online shopping portals, every device has its unique features and specifications. Whether you want to go on the metal detecting search all alone, or you want to take your children along – there are always many options available to have the most of your adventure.

Now, American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector Review is here to help you in making the decision. The pros, cons and all the other details about this device will let you know whether this metal detector is really worth spending the money. But, this device is an excellent device for all those people who are new at this metal detecting activity. This is a mid – range metal detector with average features. Its design and looks are plus points for this device. So, now all that you will have to do is make up your mind soon and order this metal detector to discover the hidden treasure.

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