Best Places to Metal Detect

It is easy to get into any hobby if you put your mind into it. What about a hobby that rewards you with trinkets and more?! Metal detecting fulfills your dream of treasure hunting albeit with a slightly more modern twist to it. One of the fastest upcoming hobbies that people are choosing is metal detecting.

If you are a beginner or have been doing it for a long time, you should know there are few rules and regulations that you should keep in mind. You should also be able to differentiate between the different metal detectors that are available and pick the one that maybe best suited for you.

There are different types of metal detecting such as normal metals, gold metal detecting and even underwater metal detecting. If you are a beginner, be certain that you learn what to look out for before attempting to go after gold or try underwater metal detecting.

Metal Detector

The location is the most important part of metal detecting. If you do not pick the right location, there is no point and you will not be able to find anything of value. Look out for places where people will end up losing things more often and go metal detecting there. The chances of striking gold and metal are much higher.

Always keep in mind that not every location is ideal for metal detecting. The best places to metal detect are the ones that have been used and lived in by the people from earlier times. Although there might be anything visible, you can always find a lot of valuable items that have been buried for decades and centuries.

With all these in mind, here are a few places that are the best locations for metal detecting:

Old ground

Like it was mentioned above, land that has been inhabited before is one of the best places to find all that you need. There are so many old grounds that cover a lot of treasure that was lost through the years. From old rings to earrings, small silverware and more, you can find a lot when you go metal detecting. Another place that is popular is in the woods near the river.

While this might not sound extremely appealing, depressed places in the woods normally indicate an outhouse or a hunting cabin that was present years before. These grounds are also a treasure trove of sorts and can be quite adventurous to get to.

It is not that easy to find such old grounds but always ensures that you get the proper permissions before you start metal detecting. Many of these places are situated on private property as well so prior permissions are a must or you will be trespassing.


Due to the number of people who are around in places like the parks, you can be rest assured that you will almost always get something worthy all the time. The activity areas such as baseball fields, parks and more have a lot to offer and you can always pick up on things quite easily. This needs a lot of looking as well because coins and more have a knack of rolling into quiet corners. If you are planning to go around metal detecting in public properties, see what kind of permissions that you need to take before you go about poking your metal into the ground.


You can never get bored of metal detecting at the beaches! Visited by new people every day and continually cleansed by Mother Nature herself, you can be rest assured that you can find new and different kinds of goods each time you try your luck at beach metal detecting.

All the beaches are kind of a competitive zone though because almost all the metal detector enthusiasts make a visit to the beach whenever they can. Known for washing up and burying things, you never know what kind of trinkets and items you will find at the beach. Beach metal detectors are also one of a kind detectors that will help you navigate over the sand dunes and find all the treasure that are hidden under the sand.

You need to be extremely creative when you are trying to metal detect on the beach. You will be able to find the best kind of items if you go during low tide or after a large storm because that is when a lot of items are washed up on the beach.

Walk along the towel line and ensure that you visit the volleyball courts and more. There is also the option of looking for underwater. There are special underwater metal detectors available that will make it easier for you to go to better areas and find the kind of treasure you were looking for, all along!


This is another one of those places where you can easily find the kind of trinkets that you need and it makes it easier as well due to the hard ground. Ease of visibility means that you do not have to dig through the ground, to find what the metal detector detects. It works more on the proximity of the place rather than that of what is buried in the ground underneath it.

Stadiums always have thousands of people who are thronging it in search of a seat and to watch whatever game is going to take place there. The sheer hustle and bustle of the place is enough to make for enough trinkets falling. You can find a lot of things you wouldn’t have otherwise if you visit a stadium after a game!

Picnic areas and concerts

This is similar to the stadiums. Picnic areas are mostly in the parks and woods nearby and people always end up leaving something or the other behind. Concerts are almost similar to the stadium experience so you do not have to worry about not finding anything of value there. Woods are a little more challenging to detect anything but in the end, you will still find a lot of valuable things too!

Ancient sites

This is a little unconventional but the amount of things you can find here is phenomenal! Not only will there be trinkets that are full of history, but you can be rest assured that these sites will help you unearth a lot of items that would have gone undiscovered otherwise.

Make a day out of this and you will return a triumphal man!

Swimming pools

Outdoor swimming pools are other types of places that will have a lot of items strewn around it. If you ever visited an empty swimming pool, make sure you look forward to some happy metal detecting.


There are many locations where you can go to do your metal detecting in peace. Look for unexplored areas instead of going to your usual local haunts as it can become hard to get your metal detector to find anything if it is usually crowded or a lot of people go hunting.

One of the best parts of metal detecting is that you can explore new places and make a whole day out of it so don’t miss out on the chance! Choose from the best places to metal detect mentioned above and start your treasure hunt.

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