Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector Review

When you want something stylish and high on utility value too, this Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Review will give you all the knowledge you need.This is a device that works cleverly and detects just about multiple classes of metals like coins, iron relics and precious metals. There’s more than just a device that Gold Digger Metal Detectors are. For instance, these come with 1/8” headphone jack &headphones that are available for immediate use.

Of all the Gold Metal Detectors available in the market, this one’s quality is among the best. This is a great metal detector for anyone who is a pro at metal detecting. At the same time, if you are someone who is taking it up just as a hobby or if you are an amateur, this will serve you just right. Unlike other detectors, this one is designed to fit the search for large objects up to 2-feet deep.IT is also meant to dig coin-sized objects till about 6 feet. The ergonomic design of this metal detector makes it a hit among all. This is made of lightweight materials and lasts for long hours. It lets you hold the sensor for many hours at a stretch without feeling tired. You can even find these Gold Detectors for Sale many online stores.

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  • All Metal Search: What makes this model the Best Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is its ability to be utilized anywhere and for all searches from metal to precious gold coins and even some iron relics.
  • Controls: This one comes with options like the trash elimination control and motion all-metal mode to make sure you can easily find anything you want.
  • Impeccable Depth Quality: Everything from small sized objects 6 feet underground and larger items up to 2 feet deep can be conveniently spotted.
  • Alkaline Batteries: The metal detector requires two 9-volt alkaline batteries that are not included, but they make the detector function perfectly well.
  • Certified: The Bounty Hunter Detector comes with the Frustration-Free packaging.


Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector Review

Search Anything With Gold Digger

This is one thing that makes it stand out from any other detector. It offers a broad range of choices to pick from. You can search all sorts of metal items. You can find anything including iron relics, gold coins and precious metals. This helps you save cost on buying specific detectors for specific uses.

Motion Mode

Here’s a model that comes with a Motion-metal mode. This is carefully paired with the trash elimination control, and it helps you find exactly what you need. It removes the unwanted particles on its own without your intervention. So, you are not wasting time with just about random things sticking to your detector.

Deep Impact

This is one model that gives you the liberty to find anything small 6 feet underground. Add to that it’s ability to sense large items till 2 feet. This enables you to find all the objects you want to, within a suitable limit.

Privacy Taken Care Of

It’s called the Best Gold Detector as it comes with a great pair of headphones that are perfect for private searches. Even if you are in crowded places, you can continue your search without being too affected by the conditions and crowd around.

Trusted Brand

Here’s a brand you can trust with your eyes closed as it is shipped with Certified Frustration-Free Packaging. This means you will be able to rely on your equipment and can always get in touch with the brand for any future issues.

Trash Eliminator Dial

This is something that will prevent the detector from attracting any useless items like nails, etc. You will get an alert tone every single time it touches a metal object that makes it easy for you to avoid any trash.


  • Trash eliminator control
  • Headphones with 1/8 headphone jack
  • Automatic tuning and ground balance
  • Power and sensitivity control
  • Treasure meter (to determine strength of signal)
  • Detects coin-sized 6 feet deep& large ones till about 2 feet
  • Requires 9-volt Alkaline batteries (2)


  • This is one of the easiest to assemble detectors out there.
  • It is one product that is relatively easy to use, and there’s not much that takes in understanding it.
  • You won’t find a more reasonably priced product with such efficiency. This is a perfect investment.
  • Whether you need it for tough soil or beach
  • Locates all types of metal objects
  • Trash Eliminator helps you identify trash and get rid of it easily
  • Perfect something for starter enthusiast or the kids
  • Automatic Tunic function helps you as you do not find yourself adjusting the settings again and again.
  • There are two operating modes. The all-metal mode lets you search for various sorts of metals, and the Trash eliminator control saves your time and avoids aluminium and other metals from getting attracted to your detector.


  • The one issue most people have faced with this one product is that it requires you to swing the metal detector from one side to the other, which is painful. And this also means you could lose an object without realizing you have missed it.
  • The Batteries it works on have to be bought separately which means additional cost. For those of you who do not want to indulge in something expensive or supplementary costs, this may not be the best deal. Also, the 9 Volt batteries drain quickly which is a deal breaker.
  • Another thing that has been highlighted in many Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Reviews that as for the headphones, there is no volume control so that it can sound quite high if not controlled.


This Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector Review seeks to bring to your notice that the product is not just good value for money but is a perfect something when you want a great starter detector. If you have children, who are just starting out with the metal detector hobby– this is an excellent option. At the same time, because it comes with many perfect. This is one of the best-rated products out there. There are many reasons to buy this one product.

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