Bounty Hunter QSI QuickSilver Metal Detector Review

One of the professions that is becoming quite famous is the business of metal detecting for treasure hunting. Not only profession, but it has also become a hobby for many travelers and explorers. Rather than lounging around the whole day, detecting and looking for things that will not make the surface (literally) is a past time that many people have come to enjoy.

Metal detectors have come to use and therefore have been modified and upgraded to suit everyone’s needs off late. With so many different functions present in a simple metal detector, there is certainly more that meets the eye.

If you are looking to get in on the fun and start the art of detecting, you need to know the different types of metal detectors that will aid you in this course.

Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector

One of the metal detectors that has bee dubbed as a beginner’s detector by the experts is the Bounty Hunter QuickSilver Metal Detector. Although it is not the number one hit with all the detecting fanatics out there, it is worth a shot if you are not looking for something too serious and expensive at your very first go.

Bounty Hunter QSI

Before you jump at the fancy name of this metal detector, let us delve deeper into the Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector Review.

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This is what makes it incredibly appealing for the kids and adults alike. You do not have to worry about a stiff arm and soreness the next day because the Bounty Hunter Quick SIlver Metal Detector does not weigh more than 2.8 pounds. This makes it ideal to be carried along for extended periods of time as you are bound to get a little tired the first time you go digging.

It also makes it kid friendly as the younger ones will not be able to carry a heavy detector for too long. This helps them explore the habit of detecting too.


Due to the long hours of walking and looking for treasure, your metal detectors can easily look old and weary. This Bounty Hunter detector, on the other hand, is built to withstand the long hours and have soft armrests and cushions for your convenience. It also has an adjustable shaft lock. This means you can wear it around without wobbling it too much. It is great for kids who are having fun with the detector too.

Simple Functionality

The Bounty Hunter QuickSilver Metal Detector has incredibly simple settings in its audio and video target id. There are four settings: iron, aluminum and zinc, aluminum and 5-cent pieces and, coins. Along with this, it has three depth settings as well which are: shallow, medium and deep.

However, the Bounty Hunter is limited in the amount that it can dig. So the deepest it can reach is 4 inches as compared to the other metal detectors that average around 8 inches.

Although this is a setback, it is simple enough for beginners and for children who will ideally not be looking for anything more.

Distinct Tones

The Bounty Hunter has distinct sounds to communicate whether the object it found is what you are looking for or something you must ignore. The squelch tone it produces tells us that the object is of no use to us, and the targets can be identified with a distinct three-tone audio target identification system.

Depth Control

The Bounty Hunter comes with a one-touch depth control that will be able to set the depth that you need and will in turn help to increase or reduce sensitivity.

LCD Display

This is very helpful as it shows you the type of minerals that are in the ground and what it seems to have found before you before digging. Not only does it save a lot of time and energy but it looks excellent and is quite educational.

8-inch waterproof, durable coil

As the feature suggests, the coil enables the metal detector to brave the not-so-perfect weather as well as make it usable on wet sand and grass.

With so many different features present, what are the benefits of using the Bounty Hunter?

According to the various Bounty Hunter Metal Detector reviews, there are not that many advantages that come with this metal detector as it is fairly basic. However, this does not mean that there are none:


Advantages of this Bounty Hunter metal detector are:

  • As mentioned above, the squelching noise emitted by the metal detector, also known as, Squelch-tech helps to eliminate false signals and keeps you focused on finding something valuable.
  • The on-point ground balance of the metal detector is also very useful in minimizing the false signals received by the metal detector, otherwise.
  • Extremely transportable, thanks to its light weight and is also ergonomic.
  • Versatility: The 8-inch coil makes it versatile to be used almost everywhere and look for deeper targets. The waterproofness of the coil just makes it easy to use on wet sand as well as grass.
  • The three-tone audio tone will help to verify the object found is actually of some value. If you do not hear the clear tone, you will know not to waste any time on the same.
  • With the four-segment digital target identification, you will be able to specify what kind of metal or mineral you are exactly looking for.
  • Easy to use thanks to the push-button discrimination and one-touch depth control.


The Bounty Hunter is quite easy to use. The specifications of it make it more desirable:

  • Easy to view LCD for reading at variable distances
  • Eight-inch interchangeable waterproof coil
  • Motion all-metal, used for progressive discrimination and contains notch modes
  • Push button discrimination
  • One-touch depth control
  • Squelch tech
  • Fully Automatic ground balance
  • Four segment target identification
  • Three tone audio feedback


  • With all the different specifications and features mentioned above, the settings are still easy to master and micromanage which makes it extremely simple to use this metal detector. It gives the rookies the right direction to begin their detecting days.


  • Finds it extremely tough to handle highly mineralized soil. The false readings are high off the charts in these areas.
  • Although it is supposed to detect deeper than four inches, it finds it tough to do so.
  • The lit of specifications might be long but the other metal detectors have been seen to be much better than the Bounty Hunter is almost all aspects.


While the above Bounty Hunter Metal Detector reviews show that it is in a league of its own, there is still a lot of work to be done on the same. While it can be used by beginning hobbyists to try their hand at detecting, it is safe to say that there are many other metal detectors out there that can do a much better job than this one.

The Bounty Hunter brand also has a lot of other metal detectors that can be checked out by those whoa re seriously interested. The Bounty Hunter QuickSilver should be able to detect much more than just four inches to hold he interests of anyone.

Having said this, while the adults might not enjoy it, it is the perfect metal detector for children who are willing to try out this hobby. So, if you are looking for a good metal detector for a child, this is as good as any.

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