Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector Review

Treasure hunting always brings goosebumps to everyone who thinks about it. Not only is treasure hunting exciting, but it is also rewarding in its own ways. Nobody knows what treasures they might find while on a treasure hunt, and if you find something, it’s – ‘Finders Keepers.’ But nobody goes on a treasure hunt alone. Everyone needs a treasure hunting partner who can stay with them through all the adventures that lie on the horizon. Bounty Hunter Time Ranger is just the friend you need while you go on that expedition to find the lost metals. Finding lost metals is never easy, but with Bounty Hunter Metal Detector in your arsenal, you can be rest assured that no hidden metal goes unnoticed.

Most of the times when you go in search of lost metals and rings, you won’t find them lying on the ground waiting for you to grab them. They will, in all probabilities be inside the ground which makes it so difficult to find them. Bounty Hunter Metal Detector automatically balances the machine to the soil conditions. This means you can use the metal detector over any surface, such as ground, over grass and even moist surfaces. The metal detector even has iron level discrimination which means it would find only the metal you want it to find, and it will ignore other metals if that is what you desire. The Time Ranger Bounty Hunter Timeranger reviews have made it amply clear that this device is your go-to option for any treasure hunt. Further, it can be used by anyone- a professional treasure hunter, a first time treasure hunter or even a child.

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Best design: Bounty Hunter Metal Detector boasts of having the finest design in metal detectors and is certain to turn th heads. The metal detector is a light weight that makes it easy to use and carry around.

Intuitive controls: Intuitive controls can go a long way in helping you to find the exact bounty that you are looking for. Most often the treasure hunters don’t know the exact location where they will find the metal they are looking for. In those times, intuitive controls help you with the direction and sensitivity options so that the finder can concentrate more on treasure hunting and leave the job of metal detecting to the metal detector.

Coin depth indicator: This is an excellent option to have in your favorite metal detector. You might get to know where your prized asset lies, but you can never know how much further you need t dig to find your metal until and unless you have a coin depth indicator on your metal detector.

Sniff mode: You might not want to use your metal detector to find any random metal buried inside the ground but that exact ring that you lost in your garden a month back. Sniff mode ensures that the metal-detector will beep only when it finds your desired metal while ignoring all metal objects it detects in the pursuit of finding the exact metal.

Multi-functional LCD: Bounty Hunter Metal Detector boasts of having a multi-functional LCD display that can be used to display and control Target ID, Depth, sensitivity level, ground balance monitor, iron level discriminator and battery level indicator.

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector Review

Metal indicator: Not all metals are the same, and Bounty Hunter metal detector can itself determine if you have found iron, aluminum, gold or silver hidden underground. The LCD will display the information about the type of metal the metal detector has found.

Headphone jack: Bounty hunter metal detector comes with inbuilt speakers and a headphone jack. So if you are scouting for your lost treasure at a place that is too noisy for you to hear the beep while using the metal detector, you can plug in your headphones and carry on with your search.


  • Professional, four mode operation
  • Programmable Notching System
  • Ground balance monitoring system
  • Blanker system used for searching deeper
  • Runs on two 9 volt alkaline batteries
  • Has headphone jack and speaker
  • Fully Submersible 8-inch bounty D tech search coil
  • Ground Tracker
  • Multi-functional LCD
  • Touchpad (Programmable)
  • Three tone audio discrimination
  • Four level iron discrimination
  • Light weighing device with shipping weight of 4.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions are 28.5 inches in length, 10 inches in breadth and 6.2 inches in width.


  • Being lightweight it easy to use and you can carry anywhere you want.
  • Easy to hold as it comes with a very comfortable grip and arm width adjustment.
  • Headphone jack and external speaker
  • Four mode operation, which makes the device ideal for use in any condition and all surfaces
  • Coin depth indicator that is very helpful while digging for the metal you have just found buried under the ground.
  • Very light on batteries.


  • Though waterproof, it still cannot be used for conduction deep underwater searches
  • It cannot detect metals that are buried very deep underground. Hence, it can only be used for topsoil searches.
  • There are other competitive models available in the market that come at a cheaper price.


If Bounty Hunter Time Ranger tips and Bounty Hunter metal detector reviews have indicated towards one particular aspect of this metal detector- it is its value for money and return on investment. As a very powerful and efficient metal tracking device, it will not disappoint you and will always give you valuable tracking and metal searching.

If you are an aspiring treasure hunter or have bought this metal detector just to find your lost wedding ring; this device is capable of providing you the results you desire and that too within an affordable price range.

If you want a favorable return on your investment, you can be rest assured that bounty hunter metal detector will do the job. This is a very powerful metal detecting device that will find coins for you at places where you least expect them to be. Also, the various modes that come in the instrument and its auto intuitive features ensure that the device can be used by professional treasure hunters as well as rookie newbies.

So what are you waiting for guys? Pack your bags and go on a treasure hunting spree this vacation. Remember, Treasure Hunting is more than just a pass time, and treasure hunting has its own rewards. If you have a hobby of collecting old coins, or old jewelry, you can be rest assured that your bounty hunter metal detector will find you the best bounty around. It can even be used by a kid, so if you want your little boy to develop a hobby that is fulfilling as well as rewarding, bounty hunter metal detector is an ideal birthday present for your kid.


Bounty Hunter metal detector is a perfect buy at its price range and is a great purchase for everyone who shares a passion for treasure hunting and metal detecting. It is available on Amazon as well as other leading marketplaces. So order now and get one for you too.

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