Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review

The more distinct people, the more individual hobbies! Out of countless possible hobbies picked by human beings, metal detecting is trending. Obviously, who doesn’t like adventure? The thrill that runs down your body after hearing the beep of the metal detector and the subsequent elation – that’s what gives towering exhilaration. And, if you are holding a reliable and trustworthy metal detector in your hand, then the bliss just doubles up. Scroll down and know more about Fisher F2 DD Metal Detector.

Give a glance on this metal detector and sure thing that you wouldn’t resist yourself from buying it if you also have developed a hobby of metal detecting. Take this metal detector along with you and start your hunt. No matter you are hunting on a beach or a rugged road, this metal detector is designed to perform the action of metal detection, irrespective of the place. The visual screen helps you in ascertaining the type of metal. The four variant types of audio assist you in distinguishing between the forms of the metal. The 8 inches coil frame is totally waterproof. The free accessories that accompany this device include – a 4 inches coil, 2 – 9 V batteries, and many others. Its fast and sensitive response rate makes it worth buying. It also has many other features. Read on to know more about it!

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This F2 Metal Detector is full of innumerable advanced and exclusive features, including-

Visual and Audio Target

This Fisher F2 Supreme Metal Detector offers eight segments of visual and four different types of sounds while coming in contact with a metal. The visual helps you in detecting whether you have found a metal or just encountered a piece of trash. And the sound effect lets you know the type of metal detected.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen of the metal detector is easily and efficiently readable. Besides, the 2 – digit numeric display tells you whether the metal detected is iron, nickel, foil, or something other.

Waterproof Coil

The 8 inches coil is very light to handle, just with a weight of about 2.6 pounds. It is totally waterproof, so you won’t face any sort of barrier while hunting under water. It works at a frequency of 5.8 kHz.

Free Accessories

Apart from these peculiar features, this metal detector also offers some free accessories. These accessories include – 2 – 9 Volt Batteries, Fisher F – point pinpointer, Treasure News, and a 4 inches Centric Coil.

Fast Responding

Whether you are conducting a beach hunt, coin shooting, or a relic hunt – this metal detector is sensitive and fast responding. Its coin depth indicator lets you gauge the depth in which the metal is present.


Fisher F2 Metal Detector

  • This metal detector is mainly designed for a coin shooting – whether you hunt underwater or on a jagged path – doesn’t make any difference.
  • You get two coils along with the device; which are 8 inches and 4 inches in size, respectively.
  • You can dig up to 9 inches deep in the ground with the help of this device.
  • The main benefit of this device is that it is an F2 Metal Detector with Pinpointer, which comes free along with the accessories.


  • The dimension of the product is 21.2 x 14 x 7 inches.
  • The total weight of the item is 4 pounds.
  • The total shipping weight is 4.8 lbs.


  • The variant sounds help you to know the type of metal detected even without looking at the screen.
  • The coil can detect metal even in a substandard area.
  • The assembling of this metal detector is very expeditious.
  • The battery life is long lasting.


  • The pinpointer is not manufactured with superior quality.
  • The rod may jiggle sometimes.
  • Although it is waterproof, it may still create some problems while using underwater for too long, especially in salt water.
  • It does not perform well on wet sand.


A sublime metal detector has the propensity to make every metal hunting adventure enthralling. The satisfaction of this experience comes only when you have a handy and an upright tool. Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review is on your screen and by now, you may have got the hint of what and how of this metal detecting device. Along with these advanced features, the price of this device is not high either.

Make your coin shooting, beach hunting, and relic hunting more astounding by fixing this deal. The specifications and the accessories totally make it a device worth buying, isn’t it? So, make your call soon and order your metal detector. Who knows, you may find some hidden treasure buried deep within? Even if not some treasure, then an hour of hunting with your kids will surely make your day.

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