Fisher F5 Metal Detector Review

There will be some days when you wouldn’t find a single thing, and then there will be days when you would discover a big treasure – that’s metal hunting for you. But, no matter you find something or not, the certainty is that you wouldn’t be able to put aside your metal detector once you acknowledge your addiction towards it. Once you discover something, the materialism keeps on increasing. So, just to make your hunting more adventurous, you would obviously need a superior metal detector. So, in the race of being superior, Fisher F5 Metal Detector is here to make its own stature. Let us delve deeper into the Fisher F5 Review.

Fisher F5 Metal Detector

This metal detector can be the best choice for beginners and that too, at a reliable price. It will prove out its worth in every manner that it can. Whether you are a pro at coin shooting or beach hunting, this metal detector is worth making a companion. Many features you are going to find in this metal detector that may or may not be present in other devices. Its visual target ID helps you in the search for the exact location of the target.

Its coil can be locked in a fixed position so that you wouldn’t have to face any problem of misbalancing while using it. Depth reading and bar graph would save you from unnecessary digging and wasting of the time. Its four tone audio identification will tell you the type of metal detected. Not only these, but there are also some other features as well.

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Scroll down and check out if at all Fisher Labs F5 Metal Detector has to offer some extraordinary features or not.

Graceful Design

The design and the structure of this metal detector are engaging. It is manufactured specially to suit the purpose of beach hunting, coin shooting, and relic hunting. You would feel like checking this thing out only at the first glance.

Audio and Visual Target ID

The device has audio and visual target IDs to offer. The visual target has a numeric readout of 0 – 99. You can even adjust the frequency if you want. The audio target has four tones to provide that produce sound according to the type of metal found.

Depth Reading

You can also get to know the depth of the target. The LCD screen allows you to have a look at the target ID confidence bar graph. You also get a feature of pinpoint that you can access only by pushing one button.

Easy to Assemble and Understand

This metal detector will not create any havoc at the time of assembling. Besides, it is highly easy to understand and operate. Even a 10–-year-old kid would be able to find hidden treasures with the help of this metal detector.

Confidence Bar

The unique feature that this device has to offer is its confidence bar. This bar shows you the confidence of the metal detector in the discovery of an authenticated metal.


Fisher F5 Metal Detector

  • Fisher F5 Metal Detector is specially designed for relic hunting, coin shooting, and beach hunting.
  • You will be able to differentiate between gold and silver.
  • You are getting a feature of one – touch notch.
  • Its battery works for more than 10 hours.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector according to your requirements.
  • It comes with a 10 inch Bi-Axial Elliptical Search Coil.
  • It has five years of warranty period.


  • The device is available in black color.
  • The dimension of this product is 28.5 x 6.25 x 10.25 inches.
  • The total weight of the metal detector is 4.7 pounds.
  • The total shipping weight is 4.8 lbs.
  • Two 9V batteries would be required to operate this device.


  • It differentiates between gold and silver.
  • Its pinpointing capability is sublime.
  • The accurate depth reading makes the digging easier.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It supports long battery life.


  • The display does not feature any backlight.
  • There is no rain cover for the display.
  • There is no volume control.


What does a person need? To be updated with the fast changing and developing technology, isn’t it? So, when it comes to pursuing hobbies, a person would definitely want a reliable and trustworthy source. Now, whether that source is equipment or some other thing – hardly matters, the thing that matters is – its accurateness. So, apart from all the other metal detectors, should you choose Fisher F5?

The Fisher F5 Metal Detector Review might have answered that question for you. From benefits to cons – all the things have been covered in this review. You could choose this metal detector, if you are a beginner at this hobby, or if you like to enjoy some adventure with your kids at weekends. Makeup your mind now!

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