Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Review

This is one of the most exciting and rewarding hobbies to develop. If you are one of those who like to have hobbies to kill stress of professional work, try to go on treasure hunting sprees. The thrill and excitement of going on a treasure hunt cannot be equated with any other hobby. Every time you go in search to find a lost metal, you always end up getting the unexpected, from simple coins to even gold and silver nuggets and jewellery. And if you have Garrett Metal Detectors as your partner in a treasure hunt, you are almost certain to have a rewarding experiences.

Garrett Ace 350 Package offers you a metal detector that is efficient to pull off even the most demanding treasure hunts and to top it all Garrett Ace 350 Price is easy on your wallets. What else can anyone want from a hobby if you can recover the principal amount invested within the first few months itself? Ace 350 Metal Detector Reviews have shown that most people who have bought the product have recovered the initial investment within a few months of buying the Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector. Most of the metal detectors fail to deliver on promises and start developing problems over time, but with Garrett Ace 350 problems are minimal, and excitement is never ending.

Garrett Ace metal detector is highly sensitive for all the known metals that might be waiting buried underground for you to find. It is also quite simple to use and lightweight that makes it ideal to use for you as well as your kids. So if you are willing to plan a treasure hunt trip with your kids to educate them in a way that they love, this product is just what you need. Many websites and markets have Garrett Ace Metal Detector for sale so in all probabilities you will find one for yourself at a price even below the list price.

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  • Trendy design: If you have a device that not only solves your purpose for buying it but also turns a few heads when you pass people while using your device, it is a reward in itself. Garrett Ace 350 is revolutionary in its design, which beats its competitors by a margin and gives you value for your investment.
  • Intuitive controls:
    Nobody is born a pro when it comes to treasure hunting, there is always a first time. This device is particularly easy to use for the first timers as it has excellent performing intuitive controls that take most burden associated with treasure hunting off your shoulders and you are left to enjoy the experience of going on a treasure hunt.
  • Coin depth indicator: Coin depth indicator is a helpful to a user when he has found a metal underground. It helps him determine the exact depth where the coin is hidden under the ground so he can dig accordingly. Coin depth indicator in Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector has a very accurate coin depth indicator, so you are certain to find your metal at the exact depth indicated by the metal detector.
  • Five search modes: Five search modes that come in the metal detector helps simplify the search for metals even more and hence the user experience is enhanced exponentially. What else can a user demand form a metal detector if all the work is done by the machine and the user is left just with the task of reaping dividends?
  • Control panel: The metal detector has an extremely efficient control panel with push buttons for sensitivity, modes and metal discrimination. The control panel is situated just after the arm holder and is readily available to the user making the device very friendly to work with. Also, the control panel has indicators for jewellery, relics, and coins that will help a user to simplify his search even more.
  • Voice adjustable headphones: The metal detector comes with headphones that are sound flexible. This is a great option to have as you might want your metal detector to sound alarms at different sound levels depending on the site where you are using your metal detector.

SpecificationsGarrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Review


  • A powerful 8.5*11 Double D Search Coil.
  • An Enhanced Iron Resolution
  • Head phones that have adjustable volume options
  • Electronic pin pointing system that makes search easier
  • A 5 mode search options
  • Dimensions of 21.5*14.6*5.7 inches
  • light weight – 5.4 pounds


  • It is light weight that makes it easy to use for users of all ages
  • The metal detector has a very sensitive Double D Search Coil that will detect all sorts of metals hidden underground.
  • Its comfortable arm holder and a comfortable grip that gives joy in using it.
  • The adjustable length option makes the device even more convenient to use
  • The detachable parts make the metal detector easy to carry anywhere you want
  • Adjustable voice mechanism is an excellent option to have in your metal detector.
  • The coin depth indicator is a very useful option to have in your metal detector as it gives you the exact depth of your digging to find the indicated metal.



The Garrett Ace 350 problems are minimal, and the ease of use is exemplary, this makes this product an ideal buy and value for money. If you are looking to purchase a metal detector for household purposes like to find your lost jewellery set in your backyard, or you are willing to go on a treasure hunting spree on a beach near you; this product is just what you desire. It is light weight in use and comes in at a relatively cheaper price than its competitors available in the market, this makes it an ideal buy and a notch above its competition.  So what are you waiting for guys? If you too are looking to find some lost metals with your best buddies or your kids over the weekend, you should not wait and order your metal detector now. Garrett Ace 350 is available at all the main online stores as well as in the market near you. So it’s easy to find and easy to use. You can even avail benefits of sale and get the metal at an even cheaper price.


The Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector fulfils all the criteria of value for money product and it’s recommended for use for people of all ages.

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