Garrett Pro Pointer Metal Detector Review

If you are into metal hunting for a long time, you might already know what an important role a pinpointer plays in each of your metal hunting adventure. But for other who doesn’t- the main job of a pinpointer is to save time. Once your metal detector detects a target, you can use a pinpointer at the location to know the depth at which the target is. When you start digging for the target, you can use the pinpointer at every interval to ensure that you are digging in the right direction.

While many modern metal detectors already have a pinpointing mode which offers similar functionality, the majority of them don’t. So, if you have a metal detector without the pinpointing mode, good quality, advanced pinpointer, like the Garrett Pro Pointer can be an excellent upgrade to enhance the accuracy of your metal hunting adventures.

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Garrett is already a famous brand among professional metal hunters due to its wide range of metal detectors. While the company first launched the original version of Garrett Pro Pointer, it has made some changes in this new version to improve your metal hunting experience further and make it more rewarding. Go through this Garrett Pro Pointer Metal Detector review to know more about this amazing pinpointer.


  • Patented Proportional Audio/Vibration Alert – A pinpointer indicates the exact location and depth of the target and the Garrett Pro Pointer does it with optimal efficiency. This pinpointer uses a patented proportional alert technology to provide you with audio as well as vibration alerts. This means that the closer you will get to the target while the digging, the louder will be the sound alert and even the vibration intensity will increase. This will allow you to understand that you are getting close to the target.
  • One-Button Retuning – There are some advantages of re-tuning your pinpointer. However, with the Garrett Pro Pointer, you don’t need to do the re-tuning manually. By simply pressing a button, the pinpointer will automatically retune itself. Re-tuning is highly beneficial when you are searching for targets in wet sand, saltwater areas, and mineralized soil. It will help in reducing the detection field, improve the ability of the pinpointer to gauge the distance and size of the target and identify edges of a large target.
  • Lost Pinpointer Alarm – When you are busy digging, it is possible to that you might lose the pinpointer in the process. To avoid such an occurrence, this best Pro Pointer Metal Detector features lost pinpointer alarm. After switching on the unit if you do not press any button for 5 minutes, the pinpointer will start emitting an audio alarm for up to 60 minutes to help you find the pinpointer. Moreover, after emitting the audio alarm for an hour, the pinpointer will automatically turn off to save battery.
  • LED Flashlight – It can be very difficult to dig for targets when the lights are low. In such instances, you can use the LED flashlight of this pinpointer to ensure that you never miss a valuable target due to low light. Moreover, if you like to search for targets in areas like forests, the flashlight can also be very useful to work your way out of the forest when it’s dark.


  • Improved Sensitivity – Garrett Pro Pointer has good sensitivity as compared to many others out there. This improves the ability of this pinpointer to accurately detect the targets even at increased depths. Even the Garret Pro Pointer reviews on the internet agree that the Pro Pointer is much better than few other models from Garrett.
  • 360 Degree Side Scan – If your detector is not able to provide you with a clear idea of the location of the target, the 360-degree scan of this pinpointer can be of great help. Insert the pinpointing tip of this pinpointer in the ground and it will help you figure out the location of the target.
  • Long Lasting Battery – The battery life of Pro Pointer II is almost twice than that of other pinpointers. It is powered by a single 9V battery which can last between 20 to 30 hours depending on how much you use it. For enhanced convenience, one 9V battery is already included with this pinpointer.
  • Lanyard Attachment Clip – The pinpointer also features a clip which you can use to attach a lanyard which you can then wear around your neck, hang on the cover of your metal detector or your belt. This makes it extremely easy for you to carry the pinpointer. And needless to say, the pinpointer is compact and only measures 9 inches and its weight is only 0.2kg with the battery inserted.
  • IP66 Rated Housing – The body of this pinpointer is IP66 weatherproof rated to allow you to use it in toughest of outdoor conditions with ease. The enhanced durability of the pinpointer ensures that you will be able to use it effortlessly for years to come.
  • Belt Holster Included – Apart from the lanyard clip, this pinpointer also comes with a woven belt holster with the help of which you can easily attach this pinpointer on your belt.


  • Manufacturer- Garrett
  • Model Name- Pro Pointer II
  • Model Number- 1166050
  • Color- Black
  • Dimensions- 9 x 1.5 x 0.87 inches
  • Weight- 0.2 kg
  • Tuning- Automatic
  • Frequency- 12 kHz
  • Battery- 1 x 9V (included)
  • Warranty- 2 years limited


  • Automatic tuning
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Patented proportional audio/vibration alert
  • Lost pinpointer alarm
  • LED flashlight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Large power button
  • Lanyard clip
  • 360-degree side scan detection area
  • Auto-off feature
  • IP 66 weatherproof rated
  • Battery included
  • Belt holster included
  • 2-years limited warranty


  • Some metal detector pointer reviews suggest that the Pro Pointer is too sensitive
  • Slightly expensive
  • It is not Waterproof.
  • Some customers have faced technical glitches after a few months of using the detector.


If you are looking for a way to improve the accuracy of your metal hunting adventures and save a lot of time in digging, the Garrett Pro Pointer II can be a great choice. It is loaded with some features that are sure to make your metal hunting more adventurous and more rewarding. On top of it, the pinpointer is extremely easy to use, and its solid build ensures that it will operate flawlessly for years to come. Even if you check on Amazon, the pinpointer has hundreds of positive reviews and buyers are thoroughly impressed with its functionality. However, if you are looking for a waterproof detector, you might want to skip this and look at some Garrett AT Pro metal detector reviews.

While we tried to cover every important aspect of this pinpointer in the Garrett Pro Pointer Metal Detector review, if you still have any questions about it, feel free to use the comments section, and we will try to answer them as soon as possible. And don’t forget to browse through some of the other metal detector reviews available on our website.

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