Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector All Terrain Land and Water Metal Detector Review

Metal detectors are available across a wide price range. You can get one for under $100, and you can even spend more than $1000 on an advanced model. But when it comes to buying, apart from your budget it is also very important to consider your metal hunting skills to choose a detector that perfectly suits you. If you have been hunting for metal for some time now and are looking to switch to a better detector, rather than jumping to the high-end of this range, it is better first to pick a mid-level model.

These models have a variety of advanced features and do an excellent job of sharpening your hunting skills and prepare you for the more expensive model. If you agree with what I am saying, you are sure to appreciate this fantastic mid-level detector which I will be reviewing today- the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector.

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As a metal detector brand, Garrett needs no introduction. Right from ATX Metal Detector to GTI 2500, Garrett is the name behind some best metal detectors currently available in the market. And even this AT Pro All Terrain Metal Detector from the brand is accumulating praises from experts and buyers from all over the world.

The detector can be used under water for up to 10 feet, has Pro-Mode Audio feature, High-Resolution Iron Discrimination and a lot more to allow intermediate detectors to improve their detecting skills and find valuable targets both on land and water. Let us try to know more about this amazing detector in this Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector All Terrain Land and Water Metal Detector Review.

FeaturesGarrett AT Pro Metal Detector All Terrain Land and Water Metal Detector

  • 8.5 x 11” Waterproof DD Coil – The detector comes with an 8.5 x 11” PROformance waterproof search coil which can be used in waters as deep as 10 feet. The PROformance range of DD coils from Garrett is known for their performance, and if you have not used them in the past, they are sure to make a huge difference in your metal hunting. Apart from this coil which is included with the detector, AT Pro is also compatible with Garrett’s 11” Ace PROformance Coil, 12” PROformance Coil, 9” PROformance Concentric Coil and 4.5” Sniper Search Coil.
  • Multiple Detection ModesGarrett AT Pro Metal Detector comes with a total of 6 detection modes- 3 Pro modes and 3 Basic modes. Both, the Pro and Standard modes have three discrimination modes- Zero, Coins, and Custom. If you are a beginner, you can start with the Basic modes and it will provide you with standard target chimes. Over time, you can switch to the Pro modes that offer higher auditory clues.
  • TID (Target Identification) – The all terrain detector features digital target identification ranging from 1 to 99. For instance, if the detector has detected an iron quarter, the cursor on the TID scale will be to the left, and the number will usually be below 35. On the other hand, if the detector detects a conductive metal, the cursor will be on the right, and the number will be somewhere above 60.
  • Pro-Mode Audio – If you use the basic audio mode of this detector, it will provide you with a full audio response. This means that no matter what the target is and at what depth it is, you will hear a consistent beep. However, when you activate the Pro-Mode Audio, the audio alerts will increase as you get closer to the target and weaken when you go away.
  • High-Resolution Iron Discrimination – The Garrett AT Pro for Land and Water Metal Detecting comes with high-resolution iron discrimination ranging between 0 and 40. The higher the setting, higher number of iron targets will be eliminated. You can easily adjust the discrimination with the help of the plus and minus button in the discrimination menu. However, make sure that you don’t keep the discrimination at very high levels as you can miss some good targets.
  • Ground Balance – Adjusting the ground balance is critical for each of your metal hunting adventure as it helps in eliminating the alerts that can arise due to the presence of minerals in the soil. With AT Pro, you can adjust the ground balance manually, or the detector will itself adjust it for you.
  • Pinpointing – If you are into metal hunting, you might already know what a pinpointer is. It is used to know the exact location of the target when you start digging. AT Pro comes with a pinpointing mode to eliminate the need to buy a separate pinpointer. Once a good target is detected, you can activate the pinpointing mode to get to the target.


  • All-Terrain Metal DetectorAT Pro is an all-terrain metal detector which can be used anywhere, literally anywhere. You can use it in rainforest, desert, park, beach, lake, stream, or ocean and it will provide you with the same amazing functionality in every environment. This undoubtedly is the USP of this detector, and scores of Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector All-Terrain 100 review have confirmed that the detector, in fact, works flawlessly irrespective of the environment.
  • Depth and Frequency – You can use this detector to search for targets up to a depth of 10 inches. While this is a lot more than many of the other detectors, if you need to look deeper, you should look for other options. AT Pro works on 15 kHz frequency which allows you to detect small targets, like coins, jewelry and gold nuggets as well as large artifacts.
  • Coin Depth Indicator – If you love searching for coins, the coin depth indicator on the right side of detectors display can be of great help. Once the detector detects a coin, this indicator will show the depth at which the coin is to make it easier for you to dig for the coin.
  • Powered by Battery – 4 x AA batteries power the detector, and there is also a battery indicator on the display to ensure that you can monitor the battery life and never run out of them while hunting.
  • Headphone and Coil Cover Included – AT Pro comes with a headphone which you can wear while searching for targets at a crowded location. However, I’d like to mention that while the detector is waterproof, the headphone is not. So, keep it away from water. A coil cover is also included which you can use to keep the coil protected when not in use.


  • Manufacturer- Garrett
  • Model Name- Garrett AT Pro All Terrain Metal Detector
  • Color- Black
  • Dimension- 22 x 11 x 5 inches
  • Weight- 1.4kgs
  • Operating Frequency- 15 kHz
  • Search Coil- 8.5 x 11” DD PROformance Waterproof Coil
  • Batteries- 4 x AA (included)
  • Warranty- 2-Years Limited


  • All terrain metal detector
  • Submersible up to 10 feet in water
  • Six detection modes
  • 12 target identification cursor segments
  • 40 iron discrimination segments
  • LCD display
  • Pinpointing Mode
  • Three audio identification tone levels
  • Pro-mode audio
  • High-resolution iron discrimination
  • Faster recovery speed
  • Automatic and manual ground balance
  • Coin depth indicator
  • Battery indicator
  • Compatible with a variety of search coils
  • Adjustable length
  • Comes with a pair of headphone and coil cover
  • 2-years limited warranty


  • Headphones are not waterproof
  • LED display doesn’t have backlighting
  • Not ideal for beginners


If you like to hunt for metals in a variety of terrains and are looking for a mid-level detector, the Garrett AT Pro All Terrain Metal Detector can be a great choice. The majority of the buyers are thoroughly impressed with its performance no matter what the kind of environment is. Moreover, as the detector is waterproof, you can use it at places where other metal hunters cannot, substantially increasing your chances of getting your hands on something valuable. Just make sure you go through some manuals or videos for Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector information and settings.

While everything important about the detector is covered in this Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector All Terrain Land and Water Metal Detector review, if you still have any questions, you can send them to us through the comments section available below. And if you’d like to know more about some other great metal detectors, we have some fantastic options on other pages of our website.

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