What to Know Before Purchasing a Metal Detector

With the variety of metal detectors available in the market today, as well as various functionalities that will surely stump and baffle the first time buyers, Choosing the right and most reliable equipment is crucial to your success in metal detecting.

As an active treasure hunter, I can advise that you needed to stay focused on several things before you begin hunting and purchasing your first ever metal detector.

What do you want to find?

Know what you wish to find. This is crucial because every metal detector has its own special features and functions. A perfect example is that there are some reliable all around metal detectors, but there are also specific metal detectors that are made specifically for gold and minerals, coins and others. So if you wished to find that gold, you will need to consider buying a machine with the frequency that will increase your chances in finding gold.

Where do you want to look?

Know the kind of ground where you intend to metal detect. Do you live close to the shores? If this is the case, then you will need to consider buying a machine with frequencies that will not be disrupted by the conductivity of salt water. Although the majority of detectors have waterproof coils and are safe to use in shallow, fresh water like rivers, there are special coils that will enhance your chances of finding and pinpointing treasures like coins. If you want to hunt on open fields, sandy beaches or your very backyard, then I would suggest buying an all-terrain metal detector.

How do you want to use?

Know how often you wanted to use your machine. Are you a weekend treasure seeker? Do you intend to use your machine every single day? Whether you are a serious or a weekend treasure hunter or hobbyist, considering the number of times you wish to use your machine would matter.

This is important because you will need to consider the wear and tear of the machines, and knowing the warranty by heart is important. You might also want to read and discuss the inclusions as well as exclusions in your warranties.

This is important and will avoid you future problems with your dealers. You should also buy your equipment from a reliable dealership. You also need to know your nearest repair center or call centers of the manufacturer in case you have questions about your metal detector. Research and read metal detector product reviews and compare the functions and special features of the machines you have shortlisted. Generally, big manufacturers have better good warranty coverage, guarantees, and service. I would also suggest keeping your receipts as well as copies of the warranty in a safe place in case you needed to have your machine fixed.

Are you new in metal detecting?

Are you a novice treasure hunter? Just like learning a new sport, metal detecting will require you to practice. Learning about your machine’s, basic and special features will be necessary. You might need to consult your manual from time to time, so make sure you keep a copy somewhere safe. Learning to detect can be time-consuming as well. It might also benefit you to keep a copy of your manual inside your bag in case you needed some back reference while on the field. Knowing some expert or longtime hunter will also be advantageous, so you can find and enlist on some really active treasure hunter forums where beginners can take the chance and mingle with old timers.

How much to spend?

Know how much you are willing to spend. Metal detecting can be expensive if you opt for it and this would greatly depend on what you intend to find. For example, if you wanted to find natural gold, then you will need to invest in an expensive machine because gold can only be found 8 ft. below the surface! Highly specialized metal detectors can range from $400-$1500! But no matter what kind of metal detector you want, whether it’s a cheap, all terrain, or high tech newly released detector, you will certainly find your own treasure because even small finds will build up over time.

No matter which metal detector you decide to go with, you are guaranteed to have paid for it because you will surely find those coveted relics, rare coins or recovered jewelry in no time!

A high quality, the metal detector is designed to alert you about a concealed weapon or other metal objects. These devices typically emit both a beeping signal and a visual signal, such as a flashing light. Make sure that you invest in a quality scanner with all of the features explained above so that you can perform scans effectively and efficiently.

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