List of Metal Detector Forums

Many important aspects are to be considered when you have to metal detect. It is not easy to know what kind of metal detector you will need exactly to suit your needs, and the sites can only help you so much. With the amount of connectivity that has seeped into all corners of the world, it is not surprising that many forums that have cropped up online cater to a variety of hobbies and questions.

Metal detector forums are extensive and vast and can be found extremely easily on the internet. With specialized forums, general forums, purely question-based forums and more, it is easy to find the kind of people you are looking for. Forums are meant for exchanging of ideas, doubts and asking questions to know more about what you are interested in, and these metal detecting forums cater to this exact need.

With so many different types of forums available, you need to know the right ones to go to and get all your questions answered quickly. Here is a compiled list to guide you for the same!

Forums about Metal Detecting

Dankowski Detectors

This is one of the most basic forums you will find. Instead of a question and answer forum, you have the option to write articles about any metal detecting technique or piece that interests you and publish the same on the forum. With a large amount of people who are part of the forum, you get good interaction about the piece which leads to several points of discussion.

It is relatively easy to create the profile as well because all you will have to do is enter your email id and create a password. The homepage has all the new and updated articles that you might be interested in and the website also shows the value of gold and silver in real-time. Now that’s some extra motivation to get going with gold hunting.

Metal Detecting Forum UK

This is one of the most interactive websites for metal detecting in the United Kingdom. It is also much more detailed, unlike the previous one. With a lot of members, you get a very organized website where people post about the different experiences they had with their metal detectors and other light-hearted banter along with others who talk about the rules of metal detecting in different places in the UK and how to be sure that you are not violating any of them.

The members also help each other in getting permits and more. You also have the choice of searching for good metal detectors as they have a comprehensive forum just for the types available. And how to pick the one that suits you best. It is easy to sign up for it with only your email id, password, time zone and language required.

Find’s Treasure forum

This is another popular forum that pops up as soon as it realizes you are looking for one. As far as metal detecting forums go, this one is a mix of all things combined. You have the option to read articles, stories and even ask questions which will lead to a wide range of feedback. The topics are varied and range from where are the good places to metal detect, why you shouldn’t metal detect in a particular place and queries about the different tools you get along with your metal detector.

This site is also relatively easy to register with as you only need an email id and a password of your choosing. However, there are a large amount of advertisements on the page which can make your journey through it less than pleasant at times.


This is a vast network of forums that you can get lost into if you tried. The treasure net forum has a lot of sub-forums under each topic so you can dig deeper and deeper till you strike gold. One of the first things that you would notice about this forum is the amount of pictures that are shared here as compared to other forums. There are many specific categories under which people share photos of things that they found places they went to metal detect in and the types of experiences they had.

You also have the opportunity to talk about the various things that come with metal detecting and the type of tools that you will need. There is also the option of sharing articles and stories along with posting simple queries and waiting for answers.

This metal detector forum is a lot more advanced than the other ones that you will find online. Signing up is also relatively simple.

American Detectorist

This is a forum that is dedicated to every metal detecting enthusiast in the United States. You can easily get all the knowledge you need on this site. Categorized neatly, you can instantly find the option that you are looking for. From sharing detecting stories to clearing doubts and questions, this is a highly friendly metal detecting forum

You can also meet metal detector enthusiasts in your area and go along with a buddy when you get a good find. Apart from this, they have regular member awards where the members can send in their entries for different categories such as best coin, best relic and best jewelry. These awards are given every month, and the members themselves choose them.

While the registration takes longer than the other websites due to the number of additional information that is required, it is still quick and easy to do.


Finding the right metal detector might take some time, but it can be made easier with the help of those who are already established. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn more about metal detecting, these metal detecting forums connect you to people who enjoy the same things that you do so your circle also grows.

You can always be part of more than one forum to see which one you like the best and once you get into it, there is no turning back! So delve a little deeper into the above list of metal detecting forums and get started with your hobby of metal detecting today.

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