Metal Detecting Tips

A metal detector can create wonders if used properly. Although, there are many metal detectors available in the market or at online shopping portals – some easy to use, some need time and correct knowledge. Some are for beginners, while some are for professionals. You name it, and they can be presented in front of you. But, then how would one know, which metal detector would be the perfect choice for a particular activity? Whether you want to go on a beach hunt or a relic hunt, a right choice of the metal detector can help you in discovering the hidden treasure. You need to be familiar with the Metal Detecting Tips and Techniques to know all about this.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

In the earlier times, the metal detectors were simple and were used only to find the metal buried deep within the ground. But, with the advancement and the evolution of technology, today, the metal detectors that will come across you would offer sundry features and benefits that not only the exact location, but you would also be able to know the type and the depth of metal detected. Use of metal detector has also increased with time. Before, it was only used as a security device, but today people use this device to pursue their hobbies. So, what is the right type of metal detector for you? Or what features you should look out in a metal detector? Let’s know about all that!

List of tips for metal detecting

Buying an Exemplary Device – While choosing a metal detector, know what you want. There are different sorts of metal detectors available to fulfill your different needs. Whether you are a beginner or a professional or whether you want a metal detector for coin shooting or beach hunting, you would have to find the precise metal detector according to your need.

Compare the Metal Detector – After having an insight of your want, compare the best metal detectors. Try and buy a device from the brand that has already made its stature in the metal detecting world. Search the top brands and then compare the metal detectors. Compare the features, benefits, and prices. Search the reviews for the device you have selected and then make your choice.

Research for the Spots – After selecting the best and the perfect metal detector for yourself, you would now have to search the spot where you can conduct your research. Start with your backyard or garden. Once you get the experience of the search and knowledge of what and how of the metal detecting, then you can choose your place somewhere far. Choose any nearby park or beach, where the probability of discovery is high.

Dig and Know – If you are a rookie, then you need to know some metal detecting tips for beginners. Firstly, you need to dig every spot where your machine makes a sound. The more you will use it, the more you will come to know about your device. If you want to discover the lost ancient treasure at the first go, then that is not possible. Prepare yourself for finding trash at first. But, later on, the discovery of the treasure will make your every effort worth it. Besides, many devices come with the discrimination mode, but, at the time, they can betray you. So, you would not want to miss any treasure. Digging is the only option left!

Questions To Ask Yourself – Before starting your hunt, there are some questions that you must answer –

Wear Headphones While Hunting – Many metal detectors come along with the facility of headphones. These headphones make you a better listener of the sound generated by the metal detector at every detecting. These headphones also help in extracting the unwanted sound, like – the wind, traffic, the conversation of the people, etc.

Acknowledge the Sound – Various metal detectors generate various sounds when coming in contact with various metals. Try to assimilate the sound that your device generates for coins, trash, nickel, gold, silver, etc. In this way, you would save yourself from digging unnecessarily and would know what treasure you have come across.

Detecting Old Coins – If you want to find out old coins and collect them, then research all the Metal detecting tips for finding old coins on the internet. While metal detecting for old coins, know about the areas where you can find the coins more as compared to anywhere else. Know about the depth that your metal detector can work upon. You will surely find some coins after finding some trash at first.

Beach Hunting – If you are more of a beach hunter, then you must buy a metal detector that is waterproof. Even if the device is not waterproof altogether, then the coil must be. Be aware of the dry spots on the beach. Find out whether your device can work on the wet sand or not. In the end, don’t forget to go through Beach Metal Detecting Tips.


Metal detecting is one of the easiest and most adventurous hobbies one can opt for. Metal detecting, in one way or the other, offers a lot of ecstasy and enthrallment. Even in your busy life, you take some time out for hunting on the weekends; it will rejuvenate you for the entire coming week.

So, these were some Metal Detecting Tips that will surely help you if you are a beginner at this activity. Buy the right metal detector and find the hidden treasure.

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