Metal Detecting Tools

 Kick starting your metal detecting hobby does not only involve choosing the right metal detector. Knowing the kind of metal detector you need is a must but also knowing how to use it, and the kind of areas you will be using it in is equally necessary. If you are planning to get a new metal detector or want to explore the field of detecting, you should go for the beginner metal detectors.

Almost all detectors need some supplementary accessory or tool that will make the job easier. Not everyone knows what you will need along with your metal detecting wand as the tools are often sold separately. There are many different forms of tools that are available in the market as well.

If you are looking out to buy metal detecting accessories, here is a comprehensive list of all the things you might need shortly to make your rounds a lot easier.

Must Have Metal Tools for Detecting

Headphones for Metal Detecting

These are especially important if you are looking to hunt in areas that have a lot of noise such as the beach. Each metal it detects will give out a different kind of noise, and you might miss it if you are not looking for it extremely closely or if you are in a place that comes with a lot of people, you know how easy it might become to miss out on them. You can use walkman type earphones for the isolated areas but go for bigger earphones that cover your ears otherwise.

This can be a hassle because the bigger earphones are a lot heavier and will make you sweat in the hot weather. So choose the locations accordingly but ensure you always have earphones to accompany you.

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Pinpointer for Metal Detecting

This is another one of the extremely useful metal detector accessories. Although it looks like a tiny walkie-talkie, you can use it when your metal detector beeps and find out how deep the coin or the metal is. It can detect metal half-inch above so it saves you the time of digging and hunting as you will not have to dig a huge hole to find the tiny coin. Although many people prefer not to use a pinpointer, it makes things a lot easier, especially in the summer where you do not want to sweat more than you already are.

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Shaft for Metal Detecting

This can be found connected to the search coil. It is a very useful accessory as it will help you adjust the length of the shaft and give it the optimum height that you need. This accessory is found in all the metal detectors.

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Search Coil for Metal Detecting

This is the part of the metal detector that finds the different metals and coins that are hidden in the sand. It comes in various types and features so you can choose the detector with the type that you need, or you can get different coils to suit your detector and the mission you are going to go on. It is usually placed at the end of the metal detector and is one of the most functional parts.

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Blunted end screwdriver

This is another useful tool that you can carry around when you are looking for coins. It will help you retrieve the coins gently and easily, and the blunted end will help you pick them out of dirt and other places with minimal scratches. You can get a normal screwdriver and blunt the edges with a round, smooth stone for a more economical use.

Hunting knife

This is also commonly found in metal detecting toolkits. You can use it to cut across the ground with so much ease and retrieve the coin or the metal. It won’t cause you to dig a large hole, and no one can give you grief about ruining the ground as well because it is easy to put the dirt back in place and pretend like it never happened!

Loop cover for the search coil 

While this is not preferred by many, it is useful if you do not want to cause your search coil too much wear and tear. It snaps right over the coil and prevents it for getting ruined due to outside sources. However, the problem with this is, it makes your detector a little heavier which can be problematic if you are planning to carry it around for a long time. It can also shift the target locating tendencies by half an inch or so which is why many people prefer not to have it.

Nail Apron for Metal Detecting

This is not a necessity but can be a good cover, if you ever need one. If you are worried about metal detecting in a place, carry your apron with you and put all the good finds in one pocket and all the other junk that might hurt anyone in the other. Not only will you be helping the environment but no one can ask you to stop cleaning!

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This is another tool that you get with your metal detecting wand. You get it with an arm brace that will help you keep your metal detector stabilised as you wave it back and forth.  Your detector will be steady which will make it easier to use.

Shovel for Metal Detecting

This is one of the most important things you will need when you are going metal detecting. There is no point in finding items to dig up if you do not have a metal detecting shovel to dig it up with. Shovels are extremely handy and make the work much easier as compared to using a knife or other items as it covers a lot of ground it a single swoop.

Soft Case for Metal Detector

This can be purchased separately, or you get it when you buy the metal detector as well. A case is vital to safeguard your metal detector from external factors and to keep it in storage safely. A soft case is the best for this as it will not bang against the clothing continuously and you will not have to worry about the movement during travel.

Control Box for Metal Detecting

This is another metal detecting accessory that is found in all the metal detectors. The control box is either located on the arm brace or the stem of the metal detector and contains the batteries, the microprocessor, and the speaker. In most case, you can find the jack for the headphone speakers also on the control box.

Digger’s Pouch for Metal Detecting

This is another accessory that you can find in almost all detecting adventure packs. If you do not fancy yourself roaming around, looking for coins while wearing an apron, this is much easier to wear and easy to conceal as well. You can store your batteries and the things you find as well safely.


With so many metal detecting tools that are available in the market, it is good sense to go for the things that you are comfortable with and are available in your budget. While most of these items are a luxury, you can make your metal detecting easier with all of them. So have a good look at the list and get the correct ones to suit your type of metal detector!

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