Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector Review

Every metal detector is not created equal. While some are designed for beginners and intermediate users, others are exclusively created for professional hunters. But as compared to the models designed for beginners, the number of detectors that are targeted towards professional hunters is far too small. As a matter of fact, there are only a few metal detectors currently available in the market that can truly be called as advanced or professional metal detectors that can only be used by someone with experience.

And one such metal detector is Minelab E-TRAC. Minelab manufactures a wide range of metal detectors for hunters with different amounts of hunting experience, and they have created this E-TRAC with the sole motive of providing experienced hunters with a detector that can enhance their hunting experience, make it more comforting and rewarding.The detector is loaded with some advanced technical features that will be discussed in detail in this Minelab E-TRAC Review. If you are an experienced hunter and are looking for a new detector, make sure that you go through this entire review, and you are sure to find yourself a winner.

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FeaturesMinelab E-Trac Metal Detector

  • 11″ Double-D Coil

The detector features an 11” Double D Coil which is waterproof and light in weight. The coil provides accurate and sharp target signals across a wide range of frequencies, and as the coil is waterproof, the detector can be easily used in a variety of challenging locations, like a river, sea, beaches, etc. where the majority of the other detectors cannot be used.

Moreover, the performance of a large number of detectors that can be used at these challenging locations is not at par with their performance on the normal ground, making it difficult for the hunters to find valuable targets at these locations. But based on Minelab metal detectors reviews, it is safe to conclude that E-TRAC delivers astounding results at these challenging locations too.

  • FBS Technology

E-TRAC uses Minelab’s proprietary FBS technology which allows it to function on a set of various frequencies between 1.5kHz and 100kHz. The operating system of this detector instantly analyzes responses from the signals received from the coil and then interprets them to provide users with enhanced accuracy. Such a wide range of frequencies is sure to make hunting experience more rewarding and exciting.

  • Minelab Xchange 

With the help of XCchange feature of E TRAC metal detectors, users can easily connect this detector to a PC or laptop for saving, downloading and sharing their custom settings. The detector features a USB slot and comes with a cable with the help of which users can easily connect this detector to a PC or laptop. Moreover, it also comes with software to help users understand how they can use this Xchange feature.

  • Four Preset Settings

E-TRAC comes with four different preset detecting settings- High Trash Mode for searching in trashy areas, Beach Mode for searching on beaches, Coin Mode while searching for coins and the Relic Mode to search for valuable targets. This is usually the common types of detecting that experienced hunters do. And with preset settings for these common types of detecting, users can simply turn on the detector, choose a setting, and start hunting without spending any time on adjusting the settings.

  • Four User Modes

Apart from the four preset settings, the detector also has four slots for saving custom settings of the user. Hunters can save their detecting settings for different environments, allowing them to save a lot of time and efforts.

  • QuickMask and SmartFind

The QuickMask feature allows users to instantly adjust the CO and FE rejection levels irrespective if what the current discrimination settings are. This makes it extremely easy for the users to edit the patterns and switch to the previous detect screen. On the other hand, the SmartFind feature displays two windows on the display panel of the detector with the help of which users can reject or accept targets, making the search more effective.


  • LCD Panel 

Minelab E TRAC metal detectors come with a backlit LCD which provides detailed information about the targets detected by the detector. The display is neat, and even the buttons are neatly placed on the display to make it easier for the users to access the menu and make adjustments easily. And as the display is backlit, users can use this detector late in the evenings and even at night.

  • Threshold and Trash Density Settings 

Users can easily adjust the threshold settings over a very wide range to achieve precise signals. This allows the users to use this detector effectively in a variety of challenging conditions. And if a user is using this metal detector in areas with a large amount of trash, the trash density can be adjusted to make sure that the detector rejects the signals coming from trash and only detects valuable targets.

  • Pin Point Mode

E-TRAC also comes with a Pin Point Mode which eliminates the need to use an additional Pinpointer. The Pin Point Mode helps the users to know the exact size and location of the target to allow users to decide whether or not they want to dig for the target. And if the user wants to dig for the target, detailed information about the depth at which the target truly is can make the digging process faster.

  • Auto Sensitivity Range

The sensitivity of this E-TRAC detector can be reduced by -3 and increased by +3. This feature allows the users to be more conservative or aggressive while using the Auto-Sensitivity feature. One of the most useful Minelab E TRAC secrets is by adjusting the sensitivity users can improve the search results based on the targets they are looking for. For instance, the sensitivity can be increased while looking for larger targets and can be reduced while searching for smaller targets, like coins. However, make sure that the sensitivity is not very low as the detector can then miss some small targets

  • Audio Identification 

The detector has four different audio tones- Normal, Smooth, Long, and Pitch Hold, which are emitted by the signal strength from the target. This allows the users to know what the target can be simply by listening to the tone. Moreover, users can also select a particular tone for all the different targets.


  • Brand- Minelab
  • Model- E-TRAC
  • Frequency- 1.5kHz – 100kHz
  • Coil- 11” Waterproof Double-D Coil
  • Color- Black
  • Weight- 3.5 pounds
  • Dimension- 5.5” x 16.25” x 21.5”
  • Warranty- 3 years


  • Advanced signal processing with FBS technology
  • Waterproof 11” Double-D coil for effective detecting in challenging conditions
  • E-TRAC Xchange to connect the detector to PC or laptop through USB
  • QuickMask features to adjust patterns easily
  • SmartFind feature to accept and reject signals
  • 4 preset user modes
  • Four slots to save custom detecting settings
  • Adjustable threshold and trash density for enhanced accuracy
  • Pinpoint mode along with visual and audio indicators
  • Four different audio tones
  • Backlit LCD with user-centered keypad
  • Powered by a single non-standard battery which comes included with the detector
  • Battery indicator on the display
  • Ergonomic and well-balanced design to allow users to search for hours without fatigue
  • 3-years warranty from the manufacturer


  • Expensive
  • Not for beginners


Minelab E-TRAC is undoubtedly one of the most advanced metal detectors currently available in the market. If you are an experienced hunter, it should not be difficult for you to understand how the features and benefits mentioned above can substantially improve your metal hunting experience. While the detector comes with an expensive price tag, it is still a value-for-money product if you can understand the features that are loaded in this detector. If you are looking for an advanced detector, look no further and buy this Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector as it will surely transform your hunting experience.

While every important aspect of this metal detector has been covered in this Minelab E-TRAC Review, if you still have any queries do send them to us with the help of the comments section available below. And if you are looking for a metal detector for beginners or one that can be used for gold hunting or underwater hunting, we have some great options for you as well.  Make sure that you go through them before leaving.

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