Minelab X-Terra 705 Metal Detector Review

If you want to buy a new metal detector to add more fun and accuracy to your metal hunting adventures, X-Terra 705 from Minelab can be a great choice. The detector has an average rating of above 4.5 and almost all the X-Terra 705 metal detector reviews on the internet are highly positive. Let us try to know what this metal detector is all about in this detailed Minelab X-Terra 705 review.

X-Terra 705 is the third metal detector in Minelab’s X-Terra series after X-Terra 305 and X-Terra 505. Just like its predecessors, 705 too, is made from a few parts to ensure that the users can assemble and disassemble it easily within minutes. The shaft is made from three parts that lock precisely into place to give a sturdy and secure feeling while holding. There is a wing nut which holds the coil and the control panel pushes into the upper part of the handle.

On the side of the control panel, you’ll find the battery compartment which you can easily open by sliding your thumb over it. The detector has a lightweight, compact built and its black finish with silver and blue control panel makes it look stylish. The detector weighs around 1.4kgs and measures 48″ when collapsed and 56″ when extended.

Let us have a look at some of the most impressive features of X-Terra 705 metal detector.

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  • V-Flex Technology – The most impressive feature of X-Terra 705 metal detector is undoubtedly its V-Flex technology. With the aid of this technology, you can easily alter the frequency of the detector by changing its coil. Minelab offers some amazing high, mid, and low coils for this detector, eliminating the need to buy any other metal detector for any metal detecting adventure.
  • Improved Ground Balance – The ground balance in 705 is much better than its predecessors, making it easier and smoother to use even while hunting in areas with high mineral content. As a result, you will be able to see the targets which the earlier X-Terra detectors could not and hunt in ground conditions where most of the detectors from other brands cannot be used.
  • Tracking Ground Balance – A lot of experienced metal hunters prefer using their detectors a little off-balance. However, they were incapable of doing so in the Auto Tracking Mode. But with the Tracking Ground Balance feature of X-Terra 705, users can now adjust the sensitivity between +15 and -15 in the Auto Tracking Mode, making it easier for them to hunt in areas which were difficult in the past.
  • Pinpoint Sizing – 705’s Pinpoint Sizing mode allows you to know the size of the target by controlling the sensitivity on a steady level to probe the areas surrounding the target. You can also use this feature to manually control the pinpointing mode.
  • Beach Ground Balance Mode – The feature improves the accuracy of the detector while hunting metal at beaches. It helps n improving the ground balance in areas with high mineral content and does an excellent job of eliminating the signals from the almost-non-magnetic ferrous materials.
  • 5 Preset Patterns – X-Terra 705 metal detector comes with five preset patterns for utmost convenience. Pattern 1 can be used while searching for non-ferrous targets, like precious metals, silver, and gold. Pattern 2 for rejecting ferrous materials like foil and targeting non-ferrous materials. Pattern 3 for accepting the small amount of signals from ferrous materials and is usually recommended for relic hunting. Pattern 4 to discriminate against the majority of the ferrous materials, and Pattern 5 is All Metal mode for picking all the metal compositions.


Minelab X-Terra 705

Transflective LCD Screen with Backlight – The Transflective LCD screen of the detector is bright and easy-to-read. Moreover, it is fitted with backlight to allow you to continue your hunting adventure even when the sun goes down.

Treasure and Coin Modes – These are the two main modes of X-Terra 705 and can be used to target objects, like relics, jewelry, and coins. The detector does a commendable job of avoiding bad targets such as bottle caps and ring pulls.

Two Pinpointing Modes – The detector has two pinpointing modes- Sizing and Auto. While the Auto Pinpoint mode is common in a lot of detectors, its Sizing mode is unique and offers useful information about the characteristics of the target, including size and shape, with graphical indicator and variable tone.

Target ID Stability – It offers excellent responsiveness in areas that contain a large amount of trash beneath the ground surface.

Adjustable Iron Masking – By adjusting iron masking, users can detect targets even when they are located close to trash.

28-Segment Target ID – The detector features 28-segment target ID (24 for non-ferrous materials and 4 for ferrous materials). It offers target IDs ranging between -8 and +48 in the increments of 2 steps. A large number of target ID segments offer improved ability to detect minor differences in the target composition and also helps in increasing the accuracy of targets that you want to reject or accept.


  • Frequency – 18.75 kHz
  • Technology – VFLEX
  • Display- Transflective LCD (3” x 1.75”) with Backlight
  • Application- Relic, Coin, Jewelry, Gold, and Beach
  • Discrimination- Notch ID, Tone ID and Variable with Visual ID
  • Ground Rejection- Tracking, Manual, and Ground Grab
  • Threshold Control – Yes
  • Pinpoint Mode- Yes
  • Volume Control – Yes
  • Coil- DD, 10 inches x 5 inches
  • Replaceable Coil – Yes
  • Battery- 4 x AA
  • Weight- 1.3kgs
  • Operating Time- 20 to 30 hours
  • Warranty- 3-years


  • Compact, light in weight and durable
  • Excellent performance in mineralized and trashy areas
  • Minelab 705 depth is impressive
  • Large number of features to improve your hunting experience
  • Bright LCD with backlight
  • Can be used by beginners and experienced metal hunters
  • Replaceable Coils
  • Impressive battery life


  • Coil is waterproof only up to 1 meter
  • 3kHz DD coil is not available
  • Batteries are not included
  • Headphones not included


No matter if you are a beginner who is looking for an easy-to-use metal detector or an experienced metal hunter looking for a detector with advanced features, X-Terra 705 metal detector is a perfect pick for everyone. Even though it has plenty of advanced features, the detector is easy to understand and use. Moreover, with a price tag less than for the Minelab X Terra 705 gold pack, it is one of the most affordable metal detectors which is loaded with an abundance of features to improve the accuracy of your hunting adventures and make it a fun-filled and rewarding experience. There are some who have pitched Whites against this one from Minelab. However, Minelab 705 reviews vs Whites shows that it is much superior in quality and performance.

We hope that Minelab Reviews provided you with some great insights about the detector and has allowed you to understand the impressive features of X-Terra 705. In the case of any queries about this detector, feel free to use the comments section below.

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